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4 Fire Safety Myths And 1 Important Fact


For many homeowners, especially those living with dementias, fire safety is a major concern. There are a wide range of different factors that can contribute to a fire and the best way to avoid them is to know what they are and understand each one fully. This isn’t quite as simple as it sounds, however. In our efforts to understand the causes of fires in our homes, we sometimes come across some fire safety myths that we should avoid if we are going to protect our homes from fire.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at 4 fire safety myths and 1 important fact. Let’s get started:

Concrete Structures Are Invincible- some homes are built using a concrete structure and without standard roofing. While this might sound fire-proof, it’s what’s inside the home that usually catches fire first. Items such as furniture, curtains, wooden ceilings, beds, desks and more can be quickly consumed by a fire.

Smoke Alarms Are Enough- smoke detectors are an important part of ensuring the safety of your home. As a result of a smoke detector alerting us, a fire can be put out quickly. That is, as long as we have fire-proof doors and fire extinguishers available.

Flames Are The Deadliest Part Of A Fire- in reality, flames are not the deadliest part of a fire. In fact, it’s the smoke that kills people more than the fire itself. People can become asphyxiated in under 5 minutes when the room is filled with carbon monoxide and toxic fumes.

Newer Structures Are Safer- this is partly true, but only if your home is built to the latest fire safety standards. There are still many factors that could contribute to a fire in a new home including faulty wiring and someone leaving a cooker hob on.

Important Fire Safety Fact

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