4 Advantages of Digital Video Advertising

4 Advantages of Digital Video Advertising

Are you planning to start doing digital video advertising?

That must have been a simple decision for you to make. The numbers certainly make a compelling case.

A whopping 92 percent of marketers say video marketing is an important part of their overall strategy. Couple this with the fact that people spend about 100 minutes every day watching videos online and you’ll have every reason to invest in online video ads.

But, beyond the numbers, what do you stand to gain from video advertising. Is it worth your time and money?

We think so.

Continue reading to learn about the top advantages of digital video advertising.

1. Videos Fire Up Engagement

How engaged are your customers?

If you don’t know, there’s a simple way to measure your customer engagement. Put up a post on your social media channels and see the number of comments or shares it gets. Engaged customers will chime in with a comment or two.

If your brand’s customer engagement is low, investing in videos can help. Since consumers love watching videos, they’re more likely to watch your content and engage with your brand. Even a simple “this is a funny video” comment on your Facebook page is enough to boost engagement.

Bear in mind, though, that not just about any video will fire up engagement. It has to be a quality and informative or entertaining video.

2. Video Ads Increase Sales

Adding a video to a product description increases the customer’s likelihood of buying the product by 35 percent.

To slice this differently, one in every 35 customers is more likely to buy your product if the description has a video. As such, it’s easy to see how video ads will substantially increase your sales.

Since video ads pack a lot more information within a short time, they’re more appealing to prospective customers. Think about it. Would you rather read a lengthy product description or watch a video?

So, put up those video ads, especially on YouTube. Read more to learn the benefits of advertising on YouTube.

3. Videos Are Good for Viral Marketing

Viral marketing might not be a sustainable strategy (usually hit or miss), but when it works, you’ll reap the results. A viral ad can see your business run out of stock within hours!

Do you know what enhances your chances of making a viral ad? You guessed it. Video.

In fact, almost everything that goes viral these days is video. Why? Video content is highly shareable.

4. Videos Are Good for Search Engine Optimization

If you have a business website, chances are you’re investing in search engine optimization. You want your pages to rank well on search results.

There are many SEO techniques you can use to achieve this, but video is fast becoming indispensable. According to one study, websites with a video have a 53 percent more chance of ranking on Google’s first page.

If your goal is to do well on search engines, you better start pressing that record button!

Digital Video Advertising Can Benefit You in Many Ways

Digital video advertising isn’t the kind of strategy where you can hit or miss the target. It delivers the results you want, be it increasing sales, boosting engagement, or getting higher search rankings. You just need to make creative, high-quality video ads.

Stay tuned to our blog for more digital marketing tips and insights.

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