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3 Important Insights Marketers Can Get From Calls

Marketers are extremely focused on the digital landscape; from email campaigns and social media to content production and website analytics. 

Do they really have anything else to worry about?

Yes, they do.  What about phone calls?  Surprise! 

Calls actually have a lot of valuable marketing insights that marketing professionals need. Many marketers may be dumbfounded by the thought that plain old phone calls could hold any useful and measurable insights.  However, phone calls provide unique insights you just can’t find anywhere else.

Here are 3 crucial marketing insights you can only learn from phone calls:

1. Common Questions

Being aware of your prospects and customers most common questions is extremely important. Knowing their most common questions can assist you with crafting your sales process, website content, and advertising strategy. 

Utilizing that information will allow you to answer questions at just the right time. Having these answers readily available will help you convert web visitors and prospects into customers more smoothly and quickly. Your prospects and customers will be more informed and your sales communication should be more effective and timely.

2. Competitive Threats

Isn’t information on your competitors crucial to your business and the decisions you make for it? Obtaining information on what your prospects are saying about your competitors can help do just that. 

Keep track of your calls and make note of which competitors get mentioned or compared to your business. Taking advantage of these competitive insights can help you to place a spotlight on what differentiates your company from the competition while simultaneously making your business look more appealing.

3. Sales Effectiveness

Tracking calls to your sales staff and the outcomes of these calls can assist your business in knowing its sales success. 

Compare different sales reps, test different sales scripts and compare different call times. 

Having call recordings to listen to can provide you with the information needed to provide successful training to individual sales reps according to their strengths and weaknesses. It’s one thing to make a sales script or train a sales rep, it’s another to actually test them with real callers.

But what if you can’t always get to the phone?

A 24/7 answering service might be able to help.  For a fraction of the cost of a full-time receptionist, these services provide a virtual receptionist for your business.

Stop missing important calls and the valuable marketing data that they provide. Start answering the phone and making better marketing decisions today!


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