When business owners or managers would like to get the best possible servers and storage options for their office, they need to think about which brand will work best in that space. Some people already have their own ideas of what they want. Other people are trying to think of what will be the most cost-effective, and there are others who are going to want to get the thing that has the most space. Look at the options listed below to find servers and storage devices that are perfect for an office, a website, or the storage of big data.

  1. Consistency

When business are sticking with used NetApp storage equipment, they will find that it is much easier for them to get the results that they were getting before they made the change. Consistency means that the staff already knows how to use these products. The IT staff will be able to make these servers fit into the current system, and the staff will not be surprised by the way that the system works. Businesses can apply the same security program to the new servers, and the management team should start thinking of what they might want to do with these devices.

  1. The Office Can Get Better Support

Businesses get much better support for these products when they are using the same brand over and over. An IT or management team is likely accustomed to how the customer support team works for NetApp, and they can all get in touch with the company at any time.  The IT staff knows the people who answer questions at the helpdesk, and a lot of the same troubleshooting steps will work on these new servers.

  1. The Office Can Get More Storage Space

Businesses can buy used storage devices so that they will get much more space for their data/website. A company can purchase something that is very easy to manage, and that company can reinvest its money in storage options that are best for the office. This is the best way for a business to maintain its storage network, and the company can expand server storage much more easily. Managers also need to remember that most people who want to get more storage space are going to start thinking about how they can buy the right number of servers to get the storage space they need. Ask the vendor if they can sell severs in bulk, how much storage they recommend, and how those servers should be installed.

When managers are shopping for servers, they need to stick with the brand that they already know. When businesses are used to using NetApp servers, they can easily buy new servers to add to their arsenal, get them integrated into the system, and set them up with the proper security programming. The office will use the same customer support line, and management will also find that they can completely change the way that you are managing the server farm, the big data the company has collected, and the customer information that is stored.

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