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2020 Review: How Covid Changed the Small Business Landscape


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We all know that types of small business are affect by COVID-19 right now. What’s more, according to the Census Bureau Survey, most business owners expect it will take over six months for their business to return to pre-pandemic conditions.

The way small businesses work has changed this year. Still, what does this mean for the future? Continue reading below to learn more about this crucial topic.

Changing Business Trends

Here we are at the end of a year that most are wishing was over already. Still, we don’t know whether 2021 will be an improvement or if COVID-19 is on it’s way out. Vaccines have been approved, but there are still many questions about their efficacy.

Businesses are finding success for even non-essential services, such as starting a carpet cleaning business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many trends are unclear to us, there are a few that are a bit more certain. Let’s take a look at some of the ones that small businesses should know.

Contactless and Cashless Commerce

While many businesses still have face-to-face interactions with their customers. Stores and restaurants, in many cases, are reducing the contact between employees and customers. One way they are doing this is by not accepting cash as payment and instead take digital payments, debit, and credit cards.

Many stores have added pickup and delivery services that reduce contact as an option for its customers.

Delivery Services

Now that many are working from home, deliveries to them have increased. Small businesses and all businesses overall are hiring more delivery workers to manage the growth in providing delivery services. Everything from restaurants, grocery stores, retailers, and others are bringing on more delivery drivers.

Experts agree this business trend isn’t slowing down and leads to more options for consumers, which suggests that new businesses will offer delivery services.

Rapid E-Commerce Growth

Consumers buy goods from many types of small businesses online. Big brands such as Amazon and Walmart are often online destinations; still, eBay or Etsy are also excellent options. Building an e-commerce brand is intensifying during the pandemic since many stores in the “non-essential” category are closed.

Many consumers are fearful of going out to buy items. Business trend experts suggest that consumers experiencing the new convenience of e-commerce shopping and subscription services such as Amazon Prime may not want to return to shopping in crowded retail establishments. It’s suggestions like this that are leading local businesses to move their sales online to compete.

Robotics for the Workplace

While even before the pandemic, robots were finding their way into workspaces and factories. This category is getting more notice now since robots don’t fall sick and can simply fill the gaps for missing workers.

There are many applications that robots are starting to be used to fulfill. For example, cleaning and disinfecting workplaces and delivering light packages. While these are the beginning, the future for robotics is looking promising on many fronts.

Types of Small Business Trends

While COVID-19 impacts all types of small business, business trends are adapting to show some of the changes they are implementing to survive now may be the look of the future.

We hope this information helps you understand the current climate of business now and trends for the future. Come back to this site to read more informative articles on many topics.

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