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2 Top-Secret Ways to Reduce Gift Boxes Printing Costs

Ever wondered how packaging has become a staple?

Well, this adage explains it perfectly: “The packaging sells the product the first time, but what’s inside sells the product a second time”. It means that businesses shouldn’t overlook the packaging. They must consider it an asset and generouslyinvest in it to enhance customer experience and brand perception.

But this doesn’t mean you should drain all your savings to create high-quality packaging. Luckily, we live in an age where advancement in printing technology and an excessive variety of packaging materials are empowering business owners to get quality gift boxes printing without spending a fortune. 

That said, one shouldn’t forget to consider the factors that contribute to higher packaging costs. By carefully considering these factors, you can significantly reduce your gift boxes costs. Here are two secret ways to do just that:

Reduce Packaging Costs by Using Smaller Custom Gift Boxes

 To bring your packaging costs down, you need to take some drastic measures. The most important of them of all is carving smaller custom gift boxes. This will also greatly help you cut your shipping costs. 

Take FedEx and UPS, for instance. Before 2015, both the companies used weight to price shipments. Theoretically, it made sense, but practically it was hurting the bottom line of the carriers. How? Most of the customers were using large boxes to transport relatively small items, which was taking up a lot of space in the delivery truck. This space would have been used to accommodate another paying client. 

To resolve this, FedEx and UPS implemented dimensional weight pricing. This price is calculated by weighing the product. They also calculate the volume to determine the dimensional weight. Whichever is higher will be paid by the customers. 

So, now if you are shipping small products in relatively large boxes, it’s time to revisit your strategy because you are probably paying more. Here’s how you can optimize your custom made gift boxes and save yourself hundreds of dollars by reducing shipping costs.  

    • Use one packaging to encase as many items as possible. 
    • Instead of using the same box size, opt for an appropriate size or different sizes that don’t cost you in terms of dimensional volume rate. 
    • In case, you are enclosing both small and large items into one large box, use padding or inserts to keep the products safe during handling and transit. 
    • Try to pick an optimal packaging solution for each item that perfectly snugs them, so you can speed-up the packaging process. 
    • If you frequently ship products in large volume, try renegotiating your shipping rates. Connect with your account manager and discuss different pricing options. Mind you, price is always negotiable. Just develop an understanding of your shipping data before negotiating shipping rates with your carrier.  

Reduce Product Returns by using Protective Packaging  

Nothing hurts your bottom line like product damage costs. When your consumer returns a damaged product, sending out a replacement cost you way more than you think. It sunk all costs, such as manufacturing, packaging, and reshipping. The worst part is you have put your relationship with the customer at stake because the poor experience will prevent him or her from placing an order in the future. And if you fail to make it up to them, they will share the negative experience with their friends, family and online social network. 

The following are the two key reasons why products get damaged: Transit damage and inadequate packaging. While it isn’t possible to control something that is beyond your warehouse space, it is relatively easier to invest in high-quality and sturdy packaging solution to avoid the suffering and additional costs. 

A seasoned packaging company like The Legacy Printing can help you with this if your company is aiming to minimize product returns.  

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