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13 Pro Tips for Writing the Best Personal Essay

Find a Captivating Topic

This isn’t that difficult if you think about it. A compelling topic means something people can find bits of themselves in. Topics like life and love, things that most people have felt or want to experience would definitely pique the reader’s interest.

Start with a Hook

A joke, a quotation, an interesting fact on the topic under discussion. Starting with something like “please help me write my essay on urgent basis” and make a joke out of it. Make a beginning so interesting that they’ll want to read further.

Specify Why this Topic Has Meaning for You

Make this essay as personal as possible. This is another way to emotionally and mentally connect with your readers. For example, if you’re writing about a heartbreak you experienced, it may be something people will connect with.

Write an Overview

One of the main things taught in economics essay help UK, outlining your essay beforehand so it’s easier to do research and then assemble it when it’s time. It will make your work more organized and the end result will be much more coherent and easy to follow.

Trigger Emotion

Appeal to the audience’s emotions. This will help them connect to you and empathize with you. Provoking empathy in its reader is one of the main characteristics of a good essay.

Do not Ignore Technical Rules

This is the one thing which you should try to be very specific with. Do not get creative if it is outside the boundaries of these rules. For example, staying inside the mentioned word count and formatting style.

Make Your Essay Stand Out

While your topic needs to be something people can connect with, it shouldn’t be something for which a hundred other variants already exist on the internet. Make it something unique, something which can only be found in your writing, otherwise people might not find it worthy of dedicating their time to.

Make Sure to Keep in Mind the Word “Personal”

Pour your heart and soul into this essay. Own it in a way that you can claim it. It should not be a “one size fits all” thing, because then it wouldn’t be personal. Make sure to write in a way that no other person can claim it’s theirs.

Remember, You Are Not Trying to Gain Sympathy

This essay is a means for showcasing an interesting part of you in depth. It is not a way for you to ask for sympathy, or for a sob story. If it feels like you’re fishing for sympathy and compliments, it might trigger the wrong emotion in people.

Mention Your Achievements

Show character development. You need to highlight your achievements because this would trigger positive emotions in people, which is very important. This way, they will get even more invested in whatever aspect of your life you showed them.

Make It Exciting Throughout

Don’t let your essay drag out. Be precise with want you want to convey, you do not want to sound confused. Try to tell stories or recount incidences you experienced which greatly impacted you, in a way that it keeps your audience at the edge of their seats. Create suspense.


That’s pretty much it! Omit what you can. End your essay in a way that does not leave the reader dissatisfied. Do not make it anticlimactic, the ending should be composed in a way which coherently brings the entire essay together.


Don’t think you’re done sooner than you actually are. This may be the most important part of all. We all make mistakes, and this is the step where you fix yours.


David Smith is a book writer who offers a professional essay service, where he helps students with writing tips and such. He likes to read poetry and work on his blog in his free time.

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