10 Rewarding Sales Jobs That Will Earn You Big Bucks

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    In the United States, there are about 13 million people who work in sales.

    If you want to join all of these people and find a sales job, you have many different options available for you.

    But how do you find the most high-paying jobs? Keep reading to figure out which jobs offer a good salary.

    1. Real Estate Agent

    A real estate agent shows people nice houses, but you’ll also have to familiarize yourself with your local marketplace. You’ll also have to host open houses, go to showings, meet clients, negotiate offers, selling timeshare, coordinate appointments, develop marketing plans for all of your listings.

    While doing all of that, you’ll also need to know how to stay calm, manage your time, and multitask.

    To do this job, you’ll need to get a real estate license. Most states have licensure requirements, but some states have even stricter rules, so make sure you check before you start on this career path. You should also pass the national exams as well.

    You may have to have a certain number of hours in your classes before you can even take those tests. The educational requirements will vary depending on what state you’re in. You’ll also need to be a member of the National Association of Realtors to classify yourself as a realtor.

    However, once you go through all that education, the average real estate agent salary is around $75,000. However, some of the best agents can make close to $100,000.

    In order to make money in this job, you’ll have to be good at closing deals. So you’ll need to rely on charming people and being able to read what they want and cater to their needs.

    2. Insurance Sales Agent

    If you don’t want to go to college, you can also become an insurance sales agent. This is one of the more entry-level sales jobs, but you can work your way up very easily.

    When you start out, you’ll be earning somewhere around $50,000. However, based on your sales and expertise, you could earn up to $125,500.

    There are all kinds of different insurances that you could sell, or you could decide to specialize in one type, like auto, renters, or homeowners.

    3. Sales Engineer

    Sales engineers have to sell technological and scientific products to businesses, so you have to know what you’re talking about. You’ll have to be able to explain to businesses or consumers what the product is and why they need it for their business. You’ll also have to be aware of your competition to explain why your product is better than theirs.

    Some sales engineers work for the specific company that creates the product. However, many other sales engineers work for independent sales firms that are taking a portion of the sale.

    You likely need to have a bachelor’s degree in some field of engineering. Depending on what field you’re going into, you may need that experience or specification.

    However, this position has one of the highest salaries, with around $90,000 a year. However, as you gain more experience, you could start earning close to $135,000.

    4. Software Sales Representative

    A software sales representative can make anywhere between $36,000 and $93,000. You are eligible for bonuses and commission as well.

    These representatives normally work for technology companies. They are focused on selling their company’s software to other businesses, consumers, or professionals.

    This is like a combination of cold calling sales and also giving software demos to try and close a sale. Make sure that you read the rec closely for a job like this because it can have different roles depending on what company you’re working in.

    You most likely won’t need a lot of education or need to have a specific background. However, some companies will want you to have a bachelor’s degree related to technology or software. This can be helpful because some of the software can be difficult to explain to customers.

    5. Financial Services Sales Agent

    As a financial services sales agent, you’ll be focused on selling financial products that will help the consumer make more money. However, the added bonus is that you’ll make more money as well.

    You could either be selling to individual people or businesses depending on what kind of product you’d be selling. You’d also likely be dealing with insurance, security, banking, loans, IRAs, credit cards, etc.

    Some sales jobs will also need you to manage client’s checking accounts and possibly even help them with retirement and estate planning.

    Because of that, you’ll likely need a bachelor’s degree in business or finance. Some people even go on to get their MBA to advance to senior positions in the field.

    Some positions will also require you to pass a licensing exam so that you’re properly qualified to sell insurance or securities. Many employers will offer training so that you can prepare for the exam.

    However, once you’re licensed, you could make about $71,500 on average per year. For the best people that are good at their job, you could earn up to $187,000.

    6. Real Estate Brokers

    A real estate broker is different from a real estate agent. Instead of actively selling the real estate, they’ll oversee the transactions.

    In real estate, this is one of the highest paying jobs that you won’t need a college degree for. However, you will need a high school diploma or a GED.

    You will need experience as a real estate agent for about one to three years. You will also have to pass a licensing exam.

    However, once you meet all those requirements, you could make around $84,000 a year.

    7. Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representative

    If you want a sales job that is highly focused on commissions, you’ll want to work as a wholesale and manufacturing sales representative.

    You’ll sell products that are made by manufacturers, and you’ll normally sell them to agencies and other businesses. This can be a really fast-paced job, but you have a high opportunity to have good success, and you’ll also have job security with this job.

    This is also one of the other jobs that can travel. This travel will be required so that you can show different clients the products.

    While this might sound like a lot of work, you could have an average salary of $63,000. If you are really good at your job, you can make over $125,000.

    8. Major Gifts Officer

    The average salary of a major gifts officer is around $70,000. However, you could make as much as $95,000.

    When you work as a major gift officer, you will promote charitable giving for nonprofits. You’ll focus on getting gifts from individuals rather than grants. This isn’t your typical sales role, but you will need to use the same talents, structures, and skills.

    Instead of selling a product, you’ll be selling the nonprofit and its mission so that you can use those skills to get larger donations and funds for the nonprofits.

    To qualify for this job, you’ll need to have a few years of experience working in fundraising. If you’ve done it for a nonprofit, this will really help you get the job.

    You’ll start in an entry-level job, but the salary will really depend on what profit you want to work with and what their budget looks like.

    9. Medical Devices Sales Representative

    A medical device sales representative will sell medical devices to surgeons, doctors, and any other healthcare professional. Depending on what you’re selling, you might have to go to a hospital or a doctor’s office to give some kind of presentation on your product.

    Sometimes you may even have to stand in the operating room to ensure that the doctor is using the device correctly. That means you’ll have to have some knowledge of medical procedures.

    You’ll normally need some kind of bachelor’s degree and also a tolerance for being able to watch medical procedures.

    If you have that, you can make about $60,000 a year. However, you could be making close to $98,000 a year with commissions.

    10. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

    A pharmaceutical sales representative will sell to the same kinds of clients. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree and some understanding of patient practices and health care.

    The average salary for this job is around $80,000, but higher-earners can make around $100,000.

    Discover More Rewarding Sales Jobs

    These are only a few of the most rewarding sales jobs that you can have, but there are many more of them that you can apply for!

    We know that trying to decide on your career can be stressful and overwhelming, but we’re here to help guide you through the process.

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