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Do you doubt the scope of social media marketing as an SEO tool in the coming days? If yes, here is another question for you. Do you know that the numbers of social media users have grown up from nearly 168 million in 2016 to around 226 million in 2018 and are expected to hit 258 million in 2019? Yes, that is it. Social media marketing as an SEO tool has a bright future. What do these reports ravel out? It is simple and clear. Social media has grown huge and any brand or business that is not in social media doesn’t exist for customers! What about your brand. Is it there on social media? If not, it is the time to get the service of an SEO expert near you.

What made social media marketing a must for every brand and business?

Yes, now every company need social media presence. Otherwise, they will be thrown out of the throne. Get professional seo service in Jind to develop and execute the most effective social media marketing strategies based on the products and services. Here are some of the important factors that made social media marketing a must for all of the companies and business.

Internet – It is everywhere!!

The numbers of internet users in the county have increased to nearly 370 million in 2018 from nearly 260 million in 2015 and expected to move around 445 million in 2020. Yes, the internet is everywhere and a good portion of the people spends maximum free time on the internet. Hence it is must for every business to make their online presence since countless searches are made on the internet for their products and services.

Targeted Audiences

Traditional marketing methods fail to target a specific audience with details and demographics. Any form of traditional marketing was focused on mass marketing. But internet marketing or digital marketing can be easily customized to target audience as per the business requirements.

Era of smartphone

India has the highest growth rate of smartphone users than any other countries in the world. India had a total number of more than 291 million smartphone users by the end of 2017 and the country is expecting a growth rate of over 60% by the end of 2022. This means, there will be more than 490 million smartphone users in the country by 2022. This demand every business to stay connected with smartphone users through social media sites.

Social media

Can you find any internet user without a social media account? It is really difficult. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, and the list continue. Correct? Everyone makes use of mobile apps to stay connected with social media from the phones apart from desktop website links. Hence make your website mobile friendly be there on social media platform, where the searches fall for your products and services. 

Now, seo services in india have been tailored to meet the customized needs of businesses in accordance with the emerging social media trends. Bring the customers to your website from leading social media platform. Let the orders come nonstop to keep the racks moving.

Go social with social media to hit the success in business without shedding sweats….!