When it comes to communication, social media indeed plays the biggest role these days. Not just mere sharing of life with one another through posts, photos, videos and chats, social media has indeed become an all-in-one platform. Be it source of information, a platform for digital marketing or showcasing talents and creating specific community groups- the social networks have nurtured themselves to be a part of everyday life in this tech-savvy era. Shaping up fast, this is likely to bring newer trends in times to come.  Helo, India’s leading regional social media app is is disrupting the ecosystem by offering its users an experience of engaging with like minded community in 14 Indian regional languages.

Helohas already reached 50 million+ monthly active users, since its inception in June 2018. Targeted at global desis- Indians based across the globe, Helo lets its users express, communicate and consume and share content in their own language. This is particularly good for first-time internet users, who prefer to communicate in the language they’re most comfortable with. .

This regional media app lets people consume and share user-generated content across diverse categories such as jokes, memes, wishes, quotes, shaayaris, Bollywood gossips and news in 14 Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. Helo provides its users with a regional flavour of trending and popular topics, spread over categories like entertainment, news, sports, education, fashion, technology and lifestyle. This has translated to rising enthusiasm over time, making influencers post videos and catch up with this ongoing digital marketing trend.

How is Helo disrupting n the social media ecosystem?

To understand this better, one needs to look at the emerging social media trends and Helo’s content capabilities. Talking about the future of social networking, experts believe that user safety and data protection will be more stringent, given the digital explosion. As digital marketing continues to rule, cyber security and data security is of prime concern. On the similar lines, Helo already considers users’ safety as its priority and has privacy and security features in place and also allows users to moderate content they consider inappropriate

On social media platforms, videos and visuals are two of the most consumed content and this trend is predicted to grow further. Helo is expected to keep up with the pace with people showcasing their talents and micro influencers playing their role.

The regional content factor will be a game changer as more and more people will be interested join the bandwagon of creating and uploading content in the language which they’re most comfortable with. Content across formats like visuals/ videos/ combination of photographs and texts usually enjoy higher user engagement and thus have become the focal point of digital marketing and connect with the users on the app. With time, creation, consumption and sharing of content is estimated to rise by manifold. Helo should be no exception either.

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