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The Indian Government is undergoing a refinement of procedure for applying for PAN card. There are no significant changes but you need to keep in mind the Guidelines to fill the application form 49A. Your application should obey these rules, violation of these guidelines may create a problem in your further prospects of PAN application.

The Government is keen on making our lives easier and that starts with simplifying procedures for applying government oriented documents. To get your Aadhar card, Voter ID, Passport, a Drivers license is much easier now. Normally it would take months to get your tangible IDs, standing in ques at the jam-packed government offices was like a normal thing. Now things have changed, the digital age has taken over the pen and paper era. You can file your application online in no time, there is no loophole to the digital system plus there is an easy way for other things too. Making corrections on your Id or making changes like change of address and phone number is also possible in a simple steps.

Every government document has its own value and no one can trump the other when it comes to importance. Let’s see the easy application procedure for your PAN card which is a must-have documented for any tax paying citizen. Though the new PAN card procedure resembles the old module it is more user-friendly and approachable.

The first and the foremost is the New Pan Card Form called the 49A which every person needs to fill. This form is available over your nearest PAN card office. Online applicants can also have availed this form from the official NSDL or UTITSL website.

Here are the Guidelines to Fill the 49A form-

  • Every applicant who wished to obtain a PAN card needs to successfully fill and submit the 49A form online or in your nearest PAN car office. Non-citizens can also fill this form for allotment of a PAN number and card, while the any Qualified Foreign Investor can fill this form through a Depository Participant only.
  • Any errors in the Form should be immediately corrected in a fresh form.
  • After double checking the application page with all your details you need to submit the form.
  • You will gain an exclusive acknowledgement number in return. This 15-digital number will help you further track your PAN card status. The applicant should print and keep this number for further use.
  • This facility can only be used by PAN applicants with holding Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) issued by the certified authority.
  • Only the Class II and Class III DSC will be accepted.
  • In case of any normal DSC applications, the applicant filing the application is used while in the case of minor/lunatic/idiot applicants the guardian whose name is printed on to the PAN needs to sign the form.
  • Every applicant must submit a scanned copy of a passport size photograph, signature, other supporting documents and more for digital application.
  • The payment needs to be done through a credit/debit card or net banking. The PAN office submission requires a cash payment of Rs. 101 for Indian address and Rs. 1,011 for overseas addresses. If you don’t require the physical card mailed to you, one can go for the e-copy which takes Rs. 66 for both inside and outside the Indian borders

After the closure of this procedure, your cycle of PAN card allotment begins. A normal PAN application case will take 15 days to dispatch your PAN card through a courier service. In case of any corrections, it takes 25 days for the same.

The procedure largely remains the same, however, new applicants can furnish their mother’s name on their PAN card now. An applicant who does not have a father figure can easily get their PAN card now. Also, people who wish to use their mother’s name instead can do the same. Single mothers can take a sigh of relief. Also, non-Individuals who undergo transactions over Rs. 2.5 Lakhs will have to apply for a PAN card under Section 139A of Income Tax Act.