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Managing rental property is not an easy task. You have to invest your time and money to manage your rental property. To help you out following are the three main approaches and we will be discussing the pros and cons of each so that you can make the right selection according to your need:

  •         Do It Yourself Management
  •         Half Do It Yourself/Half Outsource
  •         Complete Outsource Management

1-DIY Management

In this management approach, you are responsible for everything. You will be responsible for collecting the rent, filing the taxes, and shoveling snow.


Proper Control: Being a rental property owner, you are the concerned person to handle the business. When you are doing all yourself, then you will have an idea of all the things happening within your business.

Awareness of Problems: As you are controlling all the things, you can easily highlight the problem existing within your property. You can easily identify the problem and look into the solution because you are the in-charge of everything.


Lack of Knowledge: It is not possible to master everything. For instance, if you have hired an accountant to file the taxes and now you are doing it yourself then you might have to face problems because it is possible that accountant has caught many deductions you are not aware. Furthermore, if you hire a lawyer for preparing the lease agreement, instead of preparing it yourself, the lawyer will have added certain state landlord-tenant laws that you might have overlooked.

Moving on, if you hire a professional for installing the roof on your property when doing it yourself, you will not be aware of the roof leaks.

Overwhelming: When you are handling many things, then you will commit many mistakes. Sometimes, you will be overwhelmed with the responsibilities as many things are working simultaneously. To reduce your burden, you can get in touch with a professional company to avail the services regarding property management Cape Cod MA. They will take care of your property well so that you can stay relaxed.

Ideal For

This option is best for:

  • Landlords with a small number of rental units.
  • Landlords with experience in managing rentals.
  • Landlords who want to have control.
  • Landlords are having previously owned businesses.

2-Half Do It Yourself/ Half Outsource

If you are trying to manage the rental property, you will manage the areas according to your expertise and you will outsource the area that you are not able to manage or you are not having a desire to manage the certain area. To get your property managed without any issues or delay in the work, you should hire professional property managers.

Outsource Legal Issues

For instance, you can easily outsource the rental management issues that are related to legal matters. You can easily manage the responsibilities like finances of your property, daily maintenance, and tenant complaints but you are not comfortable to handle the legal issues. To handle this issue, you can get in touch lawyer to resolve the problem. The things include can be drafting your lease agreement so that it will comply with the state’s landlord-tenant laws and handling of all tenant evictions.

Outsource Maintenance Issues

In this situation, you should hire a handyman or building superintendent to deal with the maintenance issues.


Free Up Your Time: If you are not handling everything, then you will have more time to pay attention to other work. You can spend the extra time on another task or you can spend quality time with your family.

Expert Handling: With this, you are giving control of things to the expert who is having adequate experience of a certain work and you are free from the headaches.


Relying on Others: You are putting your trust on others to complete the task. You will be telling other people about your requirement to get desired end results.

Ideal For

This option is best for:

  • The landlord that are having growing numbers of a rental unit.
  • Best for an average landlord.

3-Complete Outsource Management

In this management strategy, you are the owner but you will not be handling all the responsibilities of your property. You may think that your good in selecting the property but may not be good in managing the daily operation. You will be hiring a full-time property manager or a property management company to get the work done. The expert will be handling the things like tenant screening, rent collection, tenants move in, a tenant moves out, maintenance, repairs, and tenant’s evictions.


Get Rid of Headaches: By hiring the property manager, you will be able to get rid of all the headaches. The manager will be taking the instructions from and you have to just guide them when you are going to bring the tenants or other works. You just have to tell them and the work will be done.


High Price: When hiring the property manager, you will have to pay thousands of the dollars per year. The cost will increase depending on the number of rental units.

Mismanagement affects the business: By hiring the property manager you are giving all the control in others hand. If your property manager will be doing the work right, then your business will flourish. On the other hand, if the property manager is not working properly, then this will affect your business. Keep one thing in mind that it is not an easy task to find a person who will take care of your business. When hiring the property manager, you should also have a proper exit strategy if things are not working.

Ideal For

  • This is best for the landlords that are living far from their rental units.
  • The landlords who are having a large number of rental properties.
  • The property investor who are having diversified investments.

These were three main strategies that will help you to manage your property well. To get your property maintained, you should get in touch with real property management associates for the desired results. The expert will look for your property and will fulfill all the responsibilities on your behalf.




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